By 1920 longhorn cattle were almost extinct. These majestic creatures were known and utilized for their hardiness and ability to travel large miles over many cattle trails heading to beef rails of America to feed a growing and prosperous country. Today, our ranch continues to raise these iconic animals that represent a part of the beef industry.

Today’s consumers desires a leaner, lower cholesterol, higher Omega 3, and lower in fat beef than ever before. Grass fed Longhorn beef means you are getting healthier, leaner 95% or better meat per calorie. At Lady Lillian’s, you are getting grass fed, grass finished, antibiotic, steroid, and hormone free beef. We raise happy, gentle and humanely treated cattle.

Lady Lillian’s is nestled in the South Canadian River valley in Western Oklahoma. Our cattle are grazed on Bermuda and natives grasses with open access to fresh water and, as stated before, sunshine and happiness!

We are pleased to offer beef processed from state inspected facilities. Packaging is in shrink wrapped vacuumed, sealed packages and can be cut to your specification.
*(Lady Lillian’s standing cut order is standard on orders under a 1/2 beef)

Beef is available by the pound, all the way up to whole beefs.

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