Welcome to Lady Lillian's 


Everything we have is on loan from God and we pray for guidance with His gifts!

First, a big ole thank you for visiting our site! Lady Lillian’s Longhorn Ranch was established in 2009 when the family began selling lean, grass fed, longhorn beef. The family’s love for longhorns spans 3 generations prior and have been a part of the daily atmosphere here since the 90s. The history of Longhorns is the heart of our operation and we are working to grow genetics and demeanors that continue to add to the heritage of our ranch as well as the Longhorn industry.

Now about the ranch’s rich history. It’s a tale of its own! The homestead was established and deeded to a woman, by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1893. She had eleven children. Ten left the farm for other opportunities but Jewel Lillian stayed and continued building the ranch. The homestead was then passed to her daughter, JoAnn Lillian, and today we are at generation seven working the ranch! This family is where our ranch name gets its roots.
The original barn and house are still part of the operation today, and include a fully operational horseback riding stables ran by Arianna Parkinson. Camping and Trail Ride Packages, Fay, OK (oldcaldwelltrail.com)

Although the name of the operations have changed over the years, the ranch has remained in the same family being handed down through the maternal line to the present day.

The Old Caldwell Cattle Trail crosses the South Canadian River southeast of Fay, OK, and also crosses the ranch and continues to Canton, OK, and from there, continued Northeast to Caldwell, Kansas adding to the longhorn heritage at Lady Lillian’s! Just think… some of the same bloodlines of the animals on the ranch today were probably driven over the same dirt!
Our current operations still include selling beef, and we are growing and learning more daily about genetics of Longhorns.

We are happy to be raising healthy, happy, quality longhorns that are grass fed and we look forward to meeting and serving others!